See the Tangram Manifesto:

Public: 65% Contributors: 10% Founders: 7.84% Development Fund: 10% Community Fund: 7.16%

TBC. Distribution mechanisms are currently in discussion in Tangram's channels.

TBC. Distribution mechanisms are currently in discussion in Tangram's channels.

Individual contributors donated a combination of Monero, Nano, Bitcoin, and Ethereum to the developers to support the development throughout the early stages. These donations allowed Matthew Hellyer to move to developing the Tangram Platform full-time.

The Community Fund was for those who, prior to February 28th, had provably donated to a privacy DAG project which turned out to be a scam. The Community Fund is now closed, with 56.7% of the fund claimed.

Yes. More information on this will be released prior to main-net.

Alpha v0.8 - covers Tangrams CLi wallets, which is available for all participants in advance of mainnet release. However, these will NOT be final wallets.

Currently the only bug bounty available is associated with the faucet: (Please see Rules & Rewards section). Further bug bounties will be defined when main-net has launched and Tangram is open-sourced.

Matthew Hellyer (pingpong) LinkedIn:

Jensen Chung (sweet_sneak) LinkedIn:

Jonathan Bastnagel (inkadnb) LinkedIn:

Can find it here -

No, transactions will be fee-less.

A more accurate estimate will be provided several months after main-net.

This is not a primary focus. We will provide comprehensive documentation to allow any 3rd party to develop and integrate with Tangram.

We are finalising the faucet models and their distribution mechanism, which in turn affects the amount received.

No. The [email protected] work unit will calibrate to your CPU, so anyone can participate.

Yes.See here:

The view key of the genesis block will be made available for all once main-net is live.

Yes, there will be a roll-out of phases. Currently we are in test-net1 / 2.

Currently there are discussions and suggestions to embed the distribution mechanism in the protocol to incentive running a node and validating.

YES! Come poke around, join the crew – pingpong doesn’t bite ☺

No. You will not find any exchange or OTC channel supported in the Tangram server.


"Sneak" was the project’s code name before the name “Tangram” was chosen.

Yes. See here for more information:

Current live channels include: Discord: Reddit: Telegram:

Please read our Technical Introduction: OR Part 1: Part 2:

Yes, but it is pre-announcement only. A new thread with an official announcement will be made once we have prepared main-net.

Nodes can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi or any Linux distro.

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