Acts of privacy. Acts of cryptography. Acts of code.

Our mission is to create the most private distributed ledger technology, one that is provably impervious to re-identification attacks. It will be fast, fee-less, and private.


Open source and the Community

Tangram is open source. With a complete focus on privacy and decentralization. Be part of the Tangram community, and help improve privacy and anonymity in the age of data.

Tangram will be the end-to-end solution you can trust to safeguard your identity, your data, your business, and your rights in a world of prying eyes.


Tangram-Private-FlatYour distributed ledger is private and anonymous.


Tangram-Fungible-Flatv2Because every transaction is private, your data is untraceable.


Tangram-Secure-FlatYour data is secure and tamperproof from re-identification attacks.

Tangram platform utilises a privacy first approach through technology and cryptography, combined with next generation technology architecture to deliver a decentralized, zero-knowledge, consensus-based anonymous network and protocol.

In the future Tangram plans to build a full-stack platform to developers, offering and using distributed ledger applications.

Everything to expect


Tangram-DAGTo ensure network speed and scalability, Tangram utilises a Block DAG architecture.

Ring Signatures

Tangram-Somewhat Homomorphic EncryptionTransactions are not traceable and cannot be linked back you.

Tor + obfs4

Tangram-TORTangram integrates with Tor’s hidden services, adding a layer of anonymity.

Confidential Transactions

No revealing of transactions amounts from receiver to sender. Transactions are encrypted.

Stealth Addresses

Tangram-Stealth-AddressesOne time addresses are generated for every transaction.


Tangram-Zero-KnowledgeTangram’s distributed network uses zero-knowledge verifiable transfers.

What's private in Tangram?


Tangram-BalanceSolidTangram shields your balance with multi-layered cryptography.


Tangram-TransactionsSolidEvery transaction is secure and encrypted throughout the transaction lifecycle.

Time stamps

Tangram-TimestampsSolidBy obscuring the time transactions are sent, Tangram provides an added layer of anonymity.

Send and Receiver

Tangram-Send&ReceiveSolidBoth sender and receiver are protected from re-identification attacks.