Acts of privacy. Acts of cryptography. Acts of code.

Our mission is to create the most private distributed ledger technology, one that is provably impervious to re-identification attacks. It will be fast, fee-less, and infinitely scalable.


Open source and the Community

Tangram will be open source. With a complete focus on privacy and decentralization, Tangram will run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Be part of the Tangram community, and help improve privacy and anonymity in the age of data.

Tangram will be the end-to-end solution you can trust to safeguard your identity, your data, your business, and your rights in a world of prying eyes.


Tangram-Private-FlatYour distributed ledger is private and anonymous.


Tangram-Fungible-Flatv2Because every transaction is private, your data is untraceable.


Tangram-Secure-FlatYour data is secure and tamperproof from re-identification attacks.

Tangram platform utilises a privacy first approach through technology and cryptography, combined with next generation technology architecture to deliver a decentralized, zero-knowledge, consensus-based anonymous network and protocol.

In the future Tangram plans to build a full-stack platform to developers, offering and using distributed ledger applications.

Everything to expect


Tangram-DAGTo ensure network speed and scalability, Tangram utilises a DAG architecture.

Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption

Tangram-Somewhat Homomorphic EncryptionYour data is always encrypted, and never visible in plaintext.

Tor + obfs4

Tangram-TORTangram integrates with Tor’s hidden services, adding a layer of anonymity.

Sealed Boxes

Sealed boxes anonymously transfer to a receiver while the sender remains anonymous.

Stealth Addresses

Tangram-Stealth-AddressesOne time addresses are generated for every transaction.


Tangram-Zero-KnowledgeTangram’s distributed network uses zero-knowledge verifiable transfers.

What's private in Tangram?


Tangram-BalanceSolidTangram shields your balance with multi-layered cryptography.


Tangram-TransactionsSolidEvery transaction is secure and encrypted throughout the transaction lifecycle.

Time stamps

Tangram-TimestampsSolidBy obscuring the time transactions are sent, Tangram provides an added layer of anonymity.

Send and Receiver

Tangram-Send&ReceiveSolidBoth sender and receiver are protected from re-identification attacks.